on april 12th-13th, it's national grab ass day.

taken or not, be prepared to get your ass grabbed.
just walk by and grab her ass, it's "national grab ass day"
by Dk metcalf April 12, 2019
On July 24 it’s national grab ass day, get prepared to get your ass grabbed

Have fun 😊
All you have to do is walk by and grab someone’s ass , it’s national grab ass day
by Sjsjsksksksksks July 24, 2019
National grab ass day it’s August 30th boys will grab girls asses. Boys mostly do this as a fun thing to there female friends and girlfriends! Girls can do it to
Someone:Damn look he just grabbed her ass
Random person:yea ofc it’s NATIONAL grab ass day
by August 30 grab ass day August 30, 2019