everyone who has this birthday is an absolute mad lad, freddie mercury was born then :)
hey happy birthday freddie its your birthday hell yeah its happy birthday birthday day your day of birth september 5th today is the day
by missfarenhite March 2, 2020
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😊:Aye all the girls look so naturally today what's up

☺️:its September 5th bro
by Lowwwwsy cow September 5, 2019
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National boyfriends say yes to everything day.

A day where your boyfriend has to give you attention and be attentive to all of your needs
gf: it’s September 5th, you have to give me all your attention and do everything i say today
bf: really?

gf: ya look here

gf: will you rub my back?
bf: of course

gf: will you do the dishes and take out the trash?
bf: of course
by thegirlfriend September 3, 2021
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September 5th is national Ethan is gay day. Everyone named Ethan will be gay on this day so make sure you let them know.

(September 5th)
'It's national Ethan is gay day'
by nibbalations101 September 1, 2020
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Give your best-guy-friend and blowjob today so he can have an amazing week
She helped her bestfriend on September 5th😋
by yeeboy1hunnid September 5, 2021
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Boy 1: Dude did u see the toilet, it's full of diarrhoea
Boy 2: well duh its national Diarrhoea day!
Boy 1: Oh that makes sense, its September 5th
by AyeRbel October 16, 2020
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