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on april 11th, it's national grab ass day.
taken or not, be prepared to get your ass grabbed.
just walk by and grab her ass, it's "national grab ass day"
by lejhssjhjss April 10, 2017
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National grab ass Day is for the rest of the month of April bc y’all pussys be chickening out
Just walk up behind them and grab the ass boy or girl doesn’t matter. It’s National Grab Ass Day!
by Bdbdnxnxbdbdn April 11, 2019
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a day when you can grab or smack someones ass and they cant do anything to stop you because its a day to smack it or grab it to claim that person yours for the day. but if a guy does it to anither guy then he HAS to say "no homo" or else he's gay
Jeremy:" ayo did you get jessica? its national grab ass day"
Ricardo:"nah man"
Jeremy:"you better spank her before someone esle steals her"
Ricardo:"aight, bet"
by Oscarboi420 April 11, 2019
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On February 4th, every year, it is National Grab-Ass Day.
Male or female, taken or single, prepare to have your ass grabbed.
"Why did you grab my ass?!"
"It's National Grab-Ass Day."
by Shadow9740200 February 04, 2019
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Literally every single day of the year is national grab ass day. Don’t be shy, grab an ass. They can’t get mad cuz it’s a holiday.
Stacey got mad because I grabbed her ass, but I explained to her it was National Grab Ass Day.
by JHop. May 24, 2018
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