Someone extremely lazy, they pretend to work when approached, they give off a weird scent when they lie. They sometimes think they are invisible.
I was feeling really GOYO today!
by Polska G December 29, 2011
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a guy who's always in a bad mood, grumpy at all times, sloppy in everything he does, never returns anything he borrows, still plays with tricycles and sand.
man, I don't want him to come to the party, he's such a Goyo!
by Billybobalu November 19, 2006
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The Spanish short name for Gregorio or Gregory or Greg . Typically someone that's hardworking and meticulous in their efforts. Somewhat narcissistic, but cares for others and tries to strike a healthy balance with service. Has fun on the inside, and you become family when you get to know him personally. He'll be more serious when you meet him so people can feel safe and secure with him, which helps to establish trust and confidence without letting the crazy silly and energetic personality cause concern. So he's all business first to help people, and then relaxes when you get to know him.

Very knowledgeable about things, especially processes and common sense situations. Very pragmatic. You can depend on him because he has endurance in sticking with the problem to find a solution, especially when it comes to people and others around him.
When it comes to service and help, he's a goyo. Can't get better than that.

If goyo is on the task, you're in good hands for a solution and help. If he can't figure it out, you'll need more people.
by SnapJag October 10, 2019
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