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a goyle is a perverted and often smelly man, they have also been known to have a very short temper and can also perform magic.
'hey whos that weird guy over there?'
'oh thats just goyle'
by jinglysacomin June 22, 2009
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Noun. Derived from the word gargoyle, it usually indicates a hideous. . . thing. One famous conversation starter used by Goyles goes something like, "Hey. Isn't it wierd when you're staring at a chick for like, five minutes, and you think she doesn't notice you, but then she turns around and asks 'What are you looking at?' Isn't that wierd?"
Goyle- *swings fist*
Kid- *flinces*
Goyle- "Haha! You processed it!"
by Not Goyle February 15, 2008
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Short for gargoyle. Refers to a male who is big a doofy looking. Can have a nice body, but if so, there is no substance at all between his ears. Usually what a thot brings back to a shore house. Can be chanted by males that aren't goyles.
Female: Hey guys, this is my friend Joe.
*All Men in the House*: GOYLE! GOYLE! GOYLE! GOYLE! GOYLE!
Female: OMG you guys are so rude he's not a goyle!
Goyle: What?! *looking all spaced out and dumb like he is*
by Ritz11 May 31, 2017
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