A word created by the combination of two other words, "gothic" and "retard".

The "gothic" style can be researched elsewhere, as can the term "retard".

"Gothtard" is a derogatory word or insult.

It implies that a person is a idiotic / insipid / stupid / moronic person who portrays a "gothic" personal style.

The term can be applied to both poser-goths and actual goths, though it is more commonly used to insult the poser types by both the goths and non-goths alike.

Many people (especially old-school goths) refer to todays "emo" movement as a plague of misdirected, ill-informed, depressed, poser "gothtards" since the "emo" movement attempts to derive several style elements from the gothic style such as facial piercings, raven black hair, a wardrobe dominated by black, and refrain from "average" society. However, it idiotically neglects many "key" gothic features.

These two movements are distinct, and should not be confused.

1. No grandma, that guy buying the band hoodie at Hot Topics isn't not a "Goth guy"! That's some miserable, wannabe. Just another silly gothtard.

2. Suzy portrays all the goth "criteria". Dresses the part. Listens to the part. Usually talks and acts the part. Conversing with her goth friends she chimes in "I want to travel to all 4 continents!". Her friends mumble "what a gothtard".

by Me in Atlanta March 17, 2009
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A movement started in the ninetys where kids wear stupid black clothes and wear facial makeup of a black nature, usually common with pale skin. Motto: We hate love, We Love Hate.
Most common side effect: Depression
God Save Me Im surrounded by Gothtards
by Lukos March 04, 2005
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Exhibiting typical gothtard behavior. Used as an adjective.
"The manner in which Cradle of Filth poses for camera is just plain gothtarded."
by jacob k reist December 12, 2006
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One who enjoys shitty Indie, Goth, or similar music to the exclusion of more worthwhile listening.
Why don't you go back to your Arctic Monkeys CD you useless gothtard?
by Tru Steppa January 20, 2008
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An idiot that dresses gothic and kicks other kids around for their own personall gain, aka acts like a retard.

"But pretty much its just a fun name to call someone that you cant stand, "Me and my friends made up" :D
dude your a gothtard shut up

Look at that gothtard over there; yea he is an idiot

by Daniel Peterson YEAAAA September 13, 2006
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A gothtard is a person who pretends they are obbsessed with music, and wears borrowed band tees, and think they are punk. They are also rejected from society from being unshowered, and idiots, so they group together like rejected animals.
jill- "oh my god, keep walking theres a gothtard over there"
by kellykat! July 28, 2008
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