A person who is stupid, generally ditches his friends, and bangs goats. He's oddly colored, and has the qualities of a douchebag. Gets tongue tied during uno. Ditched his best friend for a goat. Thinks he's cool but isn't. Needs to get his hair cut and gain some weight. Is somehow part cowboy and part punk. He likes to wear girl jeans and yell at people, cry, and hit things. And likes to bash mailboxes.
Do you hear that yelling and crying?
Yeah, its probably Woodsen.
I think its a girl crying.
No, thats Woodsen.
by TheThreeMusketeers. March 26, 2011
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A funny name to call somebody with the last name "Woods".
Dude: Your last name is Woods so I'm calling you Woodsen...
Chick: Ok...
Dude: Woodsen... lol
by op2rules April 2, 2009
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She might've slept with every guy on the show. Every person that came onto the show slept with one of B, C, N, D. but B has slept with C, N and D and a few more. C hasn't slept with S they are step siblings, but has Slept with B and many more including little J. N has slept with both S and B and little J and quite more. D has slept with both S and B and a few others my point is not a single person has come onto that show and not slept with at least one person
Serena Van Der Woodsen is the main female character off of gossip girl
by JCKXSB123101 January 2, 2019
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A beautiful girl who falls for every guy she meets! A good girl with a bad reputation! She is loyal and kind but sometimes impulsive and scheming! She has some good quotes and is sometimes a savage!
Person One: That Girl is a real Serena van der Woodsen
by Miablair March 4, 2019
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