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A hot girl with definite class, style, and swagga'. She likes pina colodas, and gettin' caught in the rain! She will be your best friend and stick by you no matter what. You can usually hit her up at her house where she'll be playing Nazi Zombies or MW2. She's genuine and nice to everyone she meets.
Boy 1 "Daaaammnnn, check out Pilar!"
Boy 2 "Bro, she's my girlfriend..."
Boy 1 "Sorry dawg. I didn't know..but...DAMN she so fine!!"
by Blanchid February 08, 2010

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1. Popular Book series. Which are actually pretty good. It's definitely one of the better teen books out there. Teenage girls and (boys) especially enjoy them.
2. Popular T.V. series that takes place in New York and follows the lives of beautiful rich teenagers who, despite having everything and every oppurtunity known to man can still manage to complain about EVERYTHING. This show is designed to posion the minds of young adolescents into thinking that beauty is only skin deep, and that if you aren't a size 00 with a perfect tan and have had at least one nose job and the latest Gucci, Luis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabana, and True Religion, then you aren't worth anything. And judging by its popularity, it is unfortunatly working.
Teenager 1 "OMG!!! Gossip Girl is ah-MAZING. I totes want to buy those Gucci shoes Blair had on!!"

Teenager 2 "OMG Gossp Girl is like, the best show EVA!"

Teenager 3 "Gossip Girl 4EVA!"

Teenager With Common Sense "Fuck off."
by Blanchid February 06, 2010

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