A conservative, pretentious, little craphole. Located in northern Indiana.
Goshen, Indiana sux, big time!
by bitchyhoosier July 28, 2011
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An incestuous/raunchy town in Orange County, NY where they preach having sex extremely often and at a very young age.
Person A: Tim has hooked up with all four of the Owens' sisters.
Person B: Of course he did, they're from Goshen.
by Toby Van Horn July 15, 2014
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A town of nothing but drugs and Mexicans. This is Mexico if America people. Don’t go here!!!
Goshen is full of beaners.
by Johnnycollins123 July 7, 2018
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Only the sickest place in NY let alone the US to live. A town in the Real OC.
Damn, I hate living in Greenwich, I wish I lived in Goshen NY.
by knickerbocker August 30, 2006
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Short lived Death Metal band from the late 1990's based out of the Purcellville/Leesburg VA area. They made a shotty demo called "Abadons Unholy" which has some pretty good guitar riffs and fast rythmns.
by Commander Copenhagen May 4, 2006
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the goshen explosion is when one bends over about to toss another's salad. little does said salad tosser know, but he is in for the shock of his life. the person with his pants down proceeds with a fiery, spicy, explosion of molten diarrhea, thus melting the salad tossers retnas.
oh my god that dude just burned that bitch's eyes out with the goshen explosion. damn son.
by nic nic February 3, 2007
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