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Located in Northern Virginia about forty minutes from Washington DC, this small town is home to Yuppies and immigrants who mow the lawns of said Yuppies.

Kids refer to it as the "ghetto of Loudoun", "Sleezburg", or just "the Burg", even though almost everyone in town lives in a McMansion and owns a BMW.
Leesburg gangsta: I'm so hard, I sold the BMW my parents bought me for drug money.
by 37153 June 22, 2007
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Also known as β€œSleazeburg” or β€œDiseaseburg.” A town in Lake County, Florida, the eastern neighbor of Sumter County and eight miles southeast of Wildwood. Leesburg is exactly like Wildwood in every way, just three times larger. Leesburg is home to Lake-Sumter Community College, one of the most depressing and cliquish colleges in the state of Florida. Teens and young adults in Leesburg and the surrounding area can best be described as sub-human; the town and most of Lake County has an usually high amount of teen and young adult STDs and out-of-wedlock pregnancies and an abnormally high number of women getting married much younger than average. Lake County has a high drug rate and also has the sixth-highest underage drinking rate out of 67 counties in Florida, mostly due to the kids in Leesburg and surrounding area. The institutions that would normally guide a city are morally bankrupt. Most churches there are very small and even the larger ones have no impact whatsoever in the city or county. The middle and high schools are listed as some of the worst in the state and bad parenting is prevalent in Leesburg, hence the high drinking, drug, and pregnancy rates. Just as with Wildwood, people should avoid going to Leesburg or most of northwest Lake County for that matter.

Leesburg, Florida, is one of the vilest tows in the almost-as-vile state of Florida.
by RyanT. February 06, 2006
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