SALAD TOSSER ( P ) Pronunciation Key (saled tôser)
v. salad tossed, salad toss·ing, salad toss·es
v. tr.
1.The art of eating ass.
2.To agitate ones rectal with tongue
3.Anal fellatio
4.Tongue lashing someones poophole
"He bends over as he/she tosses his salad"

"OMG! That chick ate my ass for hours, she's an awesome salad tosser"
by Lan B. September 19, 2005
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With the "necessary" war on Iraq for the "WMD" and Saddam's "connection with Osama" who knows what the full extent of the damage these salad tossers would be?
by Stairface Chippendale May 15, 2006
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