The yassified version of the word gorgeous. A compliment when something is too iconic to just be described as gorgeous. The term was first coined by political communication student Sydney Halpern.
That fit is so gorgina you are going to slay at the club.
by gorginagirlie May 14, 2022
his new cologne smells gorgina.
Her dress is so gorgina
by Marijuana Munro November 11, 2018
Adj. - Gorgeous vagina.

Can be used to describe something, or someone. It can mean gorgeous or gorgeous vagina.
Josh: Damn, see that chick over there.

Jake: Yea, she's gorgina
by Marie Carrol April 19, 2017
A word used by Joey Graceffa to describe a beautiful crystal.
by GorginaB August 25, 2018
gorgeous in a perfect way, perfect, without defect i.e. the vagina.
those tits are gorgina!
by kmj66 September 18, 2007