The act of a computer program taking too much system resources, therefore making the computer lag or even crash.
NOTE: The example below features a program, its size is 25GB.

Guy 1: Dude, I have just made my first computer game in Java!
Guy 2: Do you know that Java takes a lot of memory to run it? Your computer is gonna lit up in fire!
Guy 1: Nah dude, my PC is water cooled, no problem running it.

*5 hours later*

Guy 1: WTF, the program crashed over 4 times trying to run it!
Guy 2: Dude, you have been Google Chromed!
Guy 1: Oh, is that the GC browser, a browser that spies 24/7 and takes entire memory to start up?
Guy 2: Yes, it is.
Guy 1: Ok. Next time I will use Python, much easier to code and less memory consuming.
by EarRape Fan May 16, 2022
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Google chrome is the browser you go to when you are too retarded to find another browser.

The people who use google chrome are very likely to
watch clickbait youtube videos
be a teacher or some other old guy who are not experienced with computers
play fartneit
Matt: Hey I found this cool browser called brave
Jay: What is a browser?
Matt: Oh right, you're a google chrome normie.
by HugeEgoVirgin March 20, 2021
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Internet browser created by google. It started pretty humble and it used to crash pretty often back in the day. But as time goes by, it gets better and better. Soon will kick out firefox, safari, opera and obviously ie (you dont need to be too god to do that)

Advantages of this browser are speed & elegance in the simplicity of its UI. Requires minimal screen space and only shows the main icons a browser needs. Yet it has other buttons where you can access more complicated functions.

Chrome will be a key piece in google's OS.
Use other browsers to download google chrome and then erase them.
by nerdbimbo November 15, 2009
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person1: dude i just downloaded google chrome and its bad!

person2: lmao even though its open source it sucks balls fuck google for trying to dominate the internet firefox for life!

person1: Yep!
by clitmaster69 September 3, 2008
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An absolute buggy piece of shit that can't render websites half the time and crashes when you use flash.

Also every web site you go to gets sent to google.
I uninstalled google chrome today. I'm glad I purged my hard drive of that excuse for a web browser.
by Firefox Guy April 11, 2009
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guy 1: have you heard of google chrome?
guy 2: no what is it?
guy 1: it's a new web browser made by google
guy 2: that's pretty cool. i'll look into it. there's no way it's better than firefox though.
by pseudonym15 September 19, 2008
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