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A somewhat new web browser simply designed for the purpose of watching porn in the fastest, most efficient way possible.
Boy 1: I can't believe you still masturbate with Firefox, you need to get a new browser.

Boy 2: I know, I decided to switch to Google Chrome after my mom walked in on me jerking off and Firefox's tabs froze so I couldn't turn it off.
by ChronicDefibator March 31, 2010
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1. One who chronically adds terms and definitions to Urban Dictionary.

2. One who chronically masturbates to definitions of words.

Derived from the words "definition" and "masturbator."

Commonly labeled with the word "homo" and "fag."
1. (Boy 1: Dude, I was on Urban Dictionary last night adding words.

Boy 2: You're such a chronic defibator.)

2. (See him? He always carries around a dictionary, I think he's a chronic defibator.)
by ChronicDefibator March 31, 2010
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