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A good ole boy is not some uneducated young teenager who hunts and fishes and drinks beer!!! They are very down to earth, easy to talk to, and always enjoy a good conversation or even just spending time listening to others. Very open-minded, never racist, never out-right rude to anyone, and always their to help ANYONE in need; Any race, any country as well. Typically a young man out of his 20's, but sometimes on a rare occasion you may meet one who is younger who exemplifies the old fashioned values that all the youngsters idolize from the movies. Values the simple life (I'm talking' bout a real Farm Boy) for the clarity of understanding and healing it gives him when He is sitting on the porch after a hard days work. Is respectful and loves to work on the Farm He grew up on planting crops, training and shoeing horses, feeding the chickens, or going for a drive in His truck to catch a breath of fresh air. Loves His horses, His friends and family, and above all else wants to help others in this life see the reality of all the lies America is trying to sell us not so He can harvest weapons, but so He can show the world a real example of a hard working, honest, caring young man so we all can follow suit when we grow up! They all have warm hearts and love for anyone who walks across their doorstep, but their insight and wit are unmatched.
Stacy: "Would you look at that, that young man has been out there working on his car for 2 hours!" Then he walked right up to me and started making conversation. He sure was different, but seemed like a nice young man.

Jesse: Oh that's just Keith, He's a good ole boy. Never harmed a soul. He'll do anything for anyone, although there was that one time when He lost His temper when those young boys came around here hoopin' and hollerin 'with their loud music and throwing beer bottles out the windows.
by kennej February 24, 2012
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A ignorant, poor country male that is backward and unsophisticated.
That hillbilly living in that cabin loves being a good ole boy.
by Emotional battery abuse April 12, 2018
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