1. Find the short youtube clip of Joe Pesci in the movie My Cousin Vinny in which he tells the judge: "Everything that guy just said is bullshit. Thank you."

2. Post it in a facebook comment underneath someone else's comment who is completely full of shit.

Instead of spending precious hours of your life arguing with someone and getting frustrated, this is a much more effective way to deal with the situation. Cousin Vinnying someone is an extremely useful tool to silence any overly-argumentative, Napoleon-complex toting, extremely insecure facebook friend who constantly feels the need to share his worthless opinion, doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about, and doesn't know how to shut the fuck up. Feel free to use it liberally and prevent these cocksuckers from wasting everyone's time.

Guy 1: Everything is everything and things are changing in life and physics...

Guy 2: (Posts Cousin Vinny clip) You just got COUSIN VINNY'D BITCH!

Guy 1: (Too startled to say anything else)

Guys 3, 4, & 5 thinking to themselves: Thank god someone finally shut up that obnoxious asshole.
by Mo-Books Is The Worst January 22, 2012
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a kid who can't hold his liquir. goes to vistit a school and throws up all over the place. also talks about his dick alot. a real fag, they all go to Mount St. Joes in Baltimore.
YOu: did u see that kid throwing up
Them: Yop just a regular cousin vinny
by Jeremy Miller April 20, 2006
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This pie that can be found in Dayton Ohio provides no redeeming qualities other than the ability to cure hangovers. Students at the University of Dayton have fed on this pie in times of great headaches and amidst poor decisions as a survival instinct passed down to them from alcoholic flyers for generations. Although the pizza is butt awful after bonging a case of beast this greasy pie will taste so incredible you wont even notice the horrific breath it gave the girl you were just hooking up with. But the cheesy bread is OK!
I am so fucking hammered dude, lets go home and order some Cousin Vinnys Pizza and pass out
by Slanty1 December 6, 2010
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