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Music so good it could elicit sexual arousal.
The new We Came As Romans albums is chock full of bonerjams.
by lpvitus October 28, 2009
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one of the biggest party high schools in the nation. mountain brook is the best. pines
As I said before, mountain brook is the best.
by mountainbrookswag August 16, 2017
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Mountain Brook is an extremley wealthy town in Alabama. It is FULL of money. Drug use is reasonably common only because no one knows what else to do with all of daddy's money. When we turn 16 our dad will by us a beamer or a h2 or something no less than 40,000$. We are ALWAYS called "Brookies" by all the other surrounding schools. The only place our moms will lets us shop is at Saks. About a year ago a person living in homewood(a nearby town) wrote a book called "The Tiny Kingdom". It is about Mountain Brook and the little things that we do that seem to be so funny to other people. The thing is every word of that book is true. Clothing is pretty much the same year round, For guys its kahki's and a raplh lauren or lacoste, and for girls its pretty much the same thing except they wear seven jeans. If you are a girl at Mountain Brook High School and you do not own a pair of seven jeans, then you are looked down upon. Also if you are not a member of atleast one of the two country clubs here in mountain brook, you will be looked down upon. The only sports mentioned here are golf and tennis, except for football, we live in the south football is huge! So basicly if your daddy loves you, then so will everyone else!

sara-Mom can i go to the mall today?
mom-which one?
sara- brookwood village
mom- NOO, you can only go to the summit, thats where saks is sweetie!
by $daddy'sgirl$ May 09, 2005
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While it is true that most of the given examples of "Brookie" behavior aforementioned above are true, I would just like to remind the general audience to which Urband Dictionary is accustomed that said deffinitions, examples, etc. etc. are not always completely true. There ARE girls from Mountain Brook who are not sluts AND do not have their noses in the air. Listed below are a lists of terms that have never been heard from the "good" girls mouths. However, there are quite a few of both, but that makes the ones who are not even more so "diamonds in the rough" or should I say, "the brook"
I'm not wearing that, that came from Abercrombie. I only wear persian fur.After all I am from Mountain Brook.

This t-shirt was like 45 dollars. AND ITS AN UNDERSHIRT!!!!! YAY MOUNTAIN BROOK!!!!!

People from Clay, are like,-did you eat the last piece of red velvet cake-country bumpkin trash.
by countryboybutbrookielover March 22, 2009
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