Good, clean, all-American anal fun!
Come to my place. We can eat Cheetos while having some good old-fashioned buttsex!
by DudeManBro January 22, 2015
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A highly prized item that is well known for its ability to see you through any sort of zombie apocalypse.
"He said he wants some Good Old Fashioned Cola!"

- Coach on a man inside his zombie proof bunker.
by The Bawss September 27, 2010
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Phone conversation with:
Your mom- *sigh, I have nothing to do tonight. My kids are out of town and my husband, at work.
Me- Well, how bout I come over and we'll have some good old fashioned fun.
Your mom- ...Yes, I'm so horny.

Me- Say no more; I'll bring the lube. I like it nice and sloppy.
Your mom- Just like me.
Me- That's right, bitch.
by Mr. Mannnn March 15, 2016
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to put a fist pounding and a boot kicking beating on a guy them smash him over the head with a trash can. No guns or knives involved just an old time well deserved beatin' extravaganza
That fuck got a an old time, garbage can involved, well deserved beatin last night. It was some kinda good old fashion beating it was...that fuck
by Jim Pigeon July 27, 2007
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It's just rape!
Dan had some good old fashioned rape.
by Well hellother August 29, 2017
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