Person 1: Yeah man, your boy was acting a fool last night.

Person 2: That nigga gon
by southern belle July 13, 2004
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"The Gon" is slang for the STD Gonorrhea.
"Hey man, I heard that you picked up The Gon after fucking all those euro sluts"

"man this hurts more than The Gon"
"Dude, its worse than having The Gon"
"I think ive got The Gon"
by Greeknob May 29, 2009
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A precious bean, worthy of all the love. Hisoka, back the fuck off.
Hisoka: my unripe fruit, Gon Freecss

Everyone else: ...
by icanbeyourwaifu November 14, 2019
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A beautiful, amazing, stunning, astonishing, fantastic, incredible, spectacular, extraordinary, adorable, brilliant, breathe taking, gorgeous, lovely, marvelous, spectacular, splendid, wonderful, admirable, tremendous, outstanding, impressing, and significant person.
by Yuki Chan :) February 22, 2021
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A phrase used to make people aware of you entering a room. Especially if they havent already seen you.
Mark: Yeh whens Jason gettin her with the Carslberg im gaspin like...

Pecker: I know yeh, any chance like!

(Door Opens)

Wearmouth: Gon Gonk!! gon gon gon gon gonk!!
by Jason Wearmouth June 28, 2009
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