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Lame ass town where there is nothing but tobacco feilds and lame high schools
Dude: Where you from?
Chick: Goldsboro.
Dude: Oh that lame ass town?
by BustaRhyme April 25, 2011
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Town in Eastern North Carolina full of tobacco farms and great BBQ. Home of the prestigious Wayne Community College, or more commonly known as "wayne."
White Guy: You're from Goldsboro? Where do you go to school?

Black Girl: wayne.
by Jesse Katsopolis January 19, 2005
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Located in North Carolina' Wayne County, it is nice size community along side the Neuse River. Known for its great farmland, turkey and pig farms, flooding, and of course local BBQ places such as Wilbers. Also it is home to Seymor Johnson Air Force Base, home of the most f-15 in America. If interested in going to college, it is home to Wayne Community College, known as "Wayne". An hour or so from the beach, and a few ours from th emountains, it is in an ideal location.
Man: Where are you from?
kid: Goldsboro, NC
Man: What?
kid: Yea we have an air force base.
by Shivar May 01, 2005
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