The fine line between being tipsy and drunk.
I plan to drink just enough to get into the Goldilocks Zone and then drink in moderation to stay there all night.
by Jewsef March 9, 2017
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a place in space that is neither too hot nor too cold, that has enough surface liquid water and that is therefore suitable for life.
Our Earth is a goldilocks zone.
by uttam maharjan October 2, 2010
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The very tiny zone of species close enough to humans, where it's legal to have sex with them, yet far enough from humans where it's legal to kill them.
"Your turn, Frank. When you find Bigfoot, will you fuck him or kill him?"

"Well both options are legal, aren't they, because Bigfoot is in the Cryptid Goldilocks Zone."
by offender-go May 26, 2021
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A state of personality where one is paradoxically considered an asshole, but is still considered endearing and likable.
"It's great to be an asshole, but you don't want to be a total asshole. There's a balance that must be struck. Assholes who are total assholes suffer too much backlash for their nature and are generally considered insufferable by all. Thus, you must learn to follow proper asshole decorum and fall under the Goldilocks Zone of Acceptable Asshold'em. You have accomplished this when people say things about you like 'he's funny, but he's an asshole', or 'I like Dave, but he's kind of an asshole.' That's the Goldilocks zone. You want people to compliment you, or express fondness for you, but then immediately feel the need to point out that you're an asshole."
-- TJ "The Amazing Atheist" Kirk, "10 Rules Of Asshole Decorum"
by The Logical Fallacy February 27, 2019
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'Goldilocks zone', a suburb that holds some of the most expensive houses in all of Jamaica.
I am going to build a house in the Goldilocks zone in Jamaica it is a very nice area with beautiful homes.
by Tyflocorp March 12, 2019
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The perfect amount of pubic hair where it's not to shirt and not to long but just right.
Dang bro my bush is in the goldilocks zone right now
by November 18, 2021
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