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A vlogger on YouTube by the name of Teroja Kincaid (or TJ), a liberal atheist who frequently rants about politics, religion and even the slightest things that irritate him. He has well-known videos speaking out on Christian ideology, censorship and current world events.
The Amazing Atheist is funnier than Fred and his stupid munchkin voice any day of the week.
by NoFadsThen January 29, 2009
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A sexual act in which a man reaches orgasm by humping the leg of his partner as she get railed by another dude.
"Feminism is a cancer."

"Yeah right, I hear you love giving women the amazing atheist."
by Queen Buttrix October 28, 2017
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an youtube user who is politically and socially active and believes in voicing out his opinion on many such issues and his point of view of the society as a whole. some points he makes can are considered ignorant by some people but the majority agrees with his ideology. he does curse a lot but that should not take away from the points he makes. he can also be hilarious at times.
theamazingatheist believes in basic freedoms of mankind.
by PSYCH0S0CIAL October 12, 2008
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A relativly popular youtube vlogger from Louisianan by the name of Terroja Lee Kincaid (1985) who uses 'TheAmazingAtheist' and as his alias.

He has been active on youtube since 2006. His videos cover varying subjects , with a Atheist and democratic approach.

He is know for not mincing words in order to get his opinion accros to his fans, friends and foes alike.
'did you see what TheAmazingAtheist posted yesterday?' (reply) 'yea I did, he really outdid himself this time'.
by TerrorT November 07, 2011
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An Atheist Youtuber who goes by the name TheAmazingAtheist. He is the most genuine human being I have ever seen. In a world of stupidity, arrogance, and silly religion, he shines. I could go on for hours about how amazing he really is, but that's a long time. He has a Libertarian political view and most of his points in my eyes are the ideas of us Atheists. He is fighting stupid Christians, gullible politics, and worldly issues one video at a time. A truly magnificent and intelligent specimen that gives me hope for humanity.
Idiot: Dude, this theamazingatheist guy is a fat ass fag, he dissed god.

Me: God doesn't exist dude..

Idiot: He's wrong because he's fat!!

Me: Seriously kid?
by Geniusbeast March 06, 2011
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TheAmazingAtheist is an overweight, American YouTuber who DOES make pretty good videos sometimes. This is coming from a Christian (yes, atheists, it's possible for some of us to like him a bit). However, for some reason, he shows a large ammount of hate towards people that are not atheist, usually Christians. Personally, I think he is at his best when on his more comedic or joke videos than when he is talking about religion. A lot of his viewers agree with literally EVERYTHING he says and then call Christians "close-minded". These people rate all of TheAmazingAtheist's videos 5 stars, write encouraging comments, and discourage any Christians or "creationists" on YouTube as possible. Keywords: A lot.
A LOT of his viewers are like this. I'm glad I had pointed out the keyword because some atheists were going to comment on this definition saying "WAAAHH Well you said all of us do this. I'm actually pretty cool!". I understand that. Some of his viewers are actually pretty cool people. Basically, I just sort of wish people wouldn't over-rate him. He's kind of repulsive-looking, uses way too much foul language (no, I'm not some word Nazi. I just wish he wouldn't try to use curse words to make him seem funnier), and makes a large number of really dumb videos.
TheAmazingAtheist is alright at times.
by IeuanB February 06, 2009
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Basically, some fat guy on YouTube who seems to have really nothing better to do than make himself look like the biggest nincompoop ever to walk the face of the Earth. However, I do find some of his points reasonable, but overall he really creeps me out.
TheAmazingAtheist: OOgA LaAaLI DOo...
Me: Uhh... are you okay?
by I am a human being April 16, 2009
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