A vlogger on YouTube by the name of Teroja Kincaid (or TJ), a liberal atheist who frequently rants about politics, religion and even the slightest things that irritate him. He has well-known videos speaking out on Christian ideology, censorship and current world events.
The Amazing Atheist is funnier than Fred and his stupid munchkin voice any day of the week.
by NoFadsThen January 30, 2009
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A sexual act in which a man reaches orgasm by humping the leg of his partner as she get railed by another dude.
"Feminism is a cancer."

"Yeah right, I hear you love giving women the amazing atheist."
by Queen Buttrix October 27, 2017
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A particular individual who owns a youtube channel with almost 1 million subscribers he is known for arguing with SJWs, feminists, religious people and retards
by ,kmjnhfbgdvf August 2, 2016
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An overweight small-endowed youtuber who inserts bananas into his own anus.
1. -Dude is that the amazing atheist?

-I Think so.

-Whoah that shit is bananas!

2. That atheist ain't so amazing. The evidence of God's creation is everywhere; in the air from which we breathe, in the bountiful nature from which we draw our sustenance, in the animals that give themselves up to our dominion, and, especially, in the banana that forms a perfect butt plug/ fruit smoothie enema.
by tyler88 November 2, 2011
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1) A youtuber who makes videos supposedly supporting atheism, yet in reality is a massive apologist of Islam. He looks like the offspring of Santa Claus and Jabba the Hut, if it was a middle-aged hipster douche

2) the act of sticking a banana up your ass, as made popular by The Amazing Atheist
If you have a banana you don't want to spoil, just Amazing Atheist that shit!
by Jeffk393 September 26, 2015
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