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That one guy or girl in your group of friends who is either a klutz or just does things others don't. You can always rely on him/her to say the wrong thing at the worst moment and its funny as hell. Things tend to happen to this person that are so ridiculous and funny they would only happen to him/her and no one else on the planet. The way this person carries him/herself, the things he does, says or the actions he/she takes are so funny and meme-able that social media pages will begin to pop up, dedicated to meme and or play off of this person by posting outrageous and/or controversial things that this person would say or do. These "alternate" profiles will eventually lead to much more enjoyable and crazy content than the original friend could conjure up on his/her own.
Sitting on a crowded train:

Brosef: He braj have you ever gotten into a fist fight?

Braj: I don't know brosef, have you?

Dude: (Very Loud) Why wont you guys stop talking about fisting?

Brosef/Braj: DUDE!?!?! lololol
by Jewsef January 13, 2015
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When a person takes advantage of an opportunity and decides to Sue someone as opposed to taking other possible actions
Dude 1: Yo bro, i heard that asshole punched you and you didn't fight back!!

Dude 2: Don't worry, its all good I'm just gonna Jewsue his ass and make a shitload of money

Mrs. Sloating: Honey, who's this man on your contact list??

Mr. Sloating: Oh, that would be my Jewish Lawyer, just in case i wanna Jewsue someone
by Jewsef September 16, 2013
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The fine line between being tipsy and drunk.
I plan to drink just enough to get into the Goldilocks Zone and then drink in moderation to stay there all night.
by Jewsef March 9, 2017
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