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An act of sinful pleasure, where a group of males link their arms, while in a circle, and skip/jump in a circular motion while urinating on a defenseless woman, who may or may not even like the taste/smell of urine.
The other night we kidnapped a hooker, I paid her for the golden shower, but a few of my buddies busted in and we went for the Golden Hurricane. She smelt worse than that hobo we piss-painted last week!
by MikeChan June 01, 2006
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When a woman has her face in front of a fan that is on "HI" speed and someone pisses into the back of said fan.
She was so hot after banging away for hours that she was begging for a golden hurricane.
by jw1974 January 04, 2008
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The eponymn of the athletic teams and student body at the University of Tulsa (TU), a nice school of about 3,000 located (obviously) in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The team was originally the "Golden Tornadoes" after an announcer proclaimed them to playing as if they were one. However an even smaller school, now defunct, already laid claim to the name so TU renamed themselves the golden hurricane.

NOTE: If you simply call TU the "Hurricanes," you are incorrect. About 17 different schools, most notably Miami (FL) already call themselves that.
Whenever TU kicks the living daylight out of Rice, on one side of Skelly, the students scream "Golden" and in typical cat-call fashion, the other side (mostly alumni) yell "Hurricane." When you put them together you have "Golden Hurricane."
by KrkDG May 07, 2011
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When Grant pisses on a hooker’s face and Scott comes in after and jizzes all over it.
Grant and Scott pulled the Golden Hurricane on Mrs. Harrington last Saturday. #NOP
by Skin2win October 12, 2018
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To be exact.. A golden hurricane is 7 times better than a golden shower.

The category of the golden hurricane can goes up to 5. With each category, the number of golden streams is increased by multiplying the category by 7.

ex. A category 3 golden hurricane would have 21 streams of golden goodness.
She wanted more than a golden shower, so I had six more guys come over and we gave her a category 1 golden hurricane.
by TulsaMOM December 03, 2007
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To spin someone around while you urinate on them
"Last night, Jimmy gave me a Golden Hurricane, good thing I've got Flood insurance!" Said Jenny
by Zimmerman January 20, 2006
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