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Going deep is a saying which explains a situation in which you are going all the way. It can be used in almost any situation as long as you (or something(eg. dick)) are going deep.
Mate, did you see the smoke off your tires??

Yeah bro, the accelerator was going deep.

How was that chick from the other night Billy?

Oh she was a cock craving slut mate, she went deep.

Why do you keep winning?
Because I go deep.

Did you drink all your booze yet?
Yeah ages ago, I went deep.
by ErOR, Parker, LiNktO, Bling NZ February 12, 2010
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have a serious and thoughtfilled coversation with someone you care about. Most likely a text message. Conversations may incluted sex, life, feelings, ect.
Owen: "Got anything deep"
Hannah: "Yes...what do you think is outside of the earth"
Owen: "Wow we relly are going deep on this one"
by Owin W June 22, 2010
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