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When you help the environment and recycle. 1 person can make a difference and don't be afraid to take the bus,because with a bus full of people, it helps by not spreading 18,500 gallons of gas.You can also walk, because study show that when you walk a mile you add 21 minutes to your life.
Did you see that she is going green because she helped plant a tree.
by I K March 15, 2009
the process of "recycling" people you've already slept with in order to not add to your current number of people you've slept with.
I really don't want to add to the number of guys I've slept with so I think I'm going green and sleeping with Bobby again.
by AZN & ROMONSTER December 09, 2009
"Turning trash into treasure"

Hooking up with exes, going back to old flings
Are you going green tonight or are you gettin some fresh prduct?
by lohoandamyvee November 27, 2009
Since you use 25% of your body's energy to power your brain cells, you can save a lot of energy by not thinking - "going green"
Jim just asked the most stupid question ever... I guess he's going green.
by orthoJohn August 14, 2010
the condition of living large,having enough money to buy expensive, green colored outfits or gadgets.
Jonete: I like Sean's military type shirts and his race car...

Sasha: Yea, looks like he's going green; that guy is living large...
by Marconi BLVD October 23, 2008
having sex doggy style while hugging, or just up against a tree.
Guy 1: Dude did you go green yesterday?

Guy 2: Yea, dude it was fucking amazing. And the she was so hot too.

Guy 1: Are you going green again today?

Guy 2: Hell yea man!
by whofuckingcares? December 06, 2011
the act of turning out the lights so that you dont have to see the ugly girls your sleeping with
"dudeee how did you take that swamp donkey home last night " " you know man im going green and shuting off the light"
by boissat September 12, 2012