A brand that makes the most hardcore little cameras ever. The cameras are waterproof and shockproof - designed for adventure photography. They are very versatile and can be attached to almost anything, from helmets to surfboards or even just your body. The newest GoPro HD Hero2 even offers 11 megapixel photos and is able to record at 120 frames per second.
I love my new GoPro! It's the best sports camera ever!
by beahero December 22, 2011
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A camera that looks like shit covers in a piece of plastic that the GoPro company charges up to a bazillion gillion dollars for.
I just bought a GoPro!
by JohnnyCock2234 July 12, 2011
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The GoPro Effect is were something that may be large in real life might look smaller when filming it with a GoPro
The GoPro Effect makes this jumps look small
by JoeTheGrape July 21, 2019
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That stupid fucking effect when you’re trying to get a full fucking send shot for the gram and the fucking camera makes it look like pussy shit

The GoPro effect is when your camera makes shit look a hell of a lot less steep and makes it look really easy
This effect happens with phones and action cams where the shot doesn’t come out looking as cool
The effect can help to make some shots very rarely look fucking lit but so far the only way to not look like a bitch when hitting jumps on mtb or on bmx or whatever you ride is to just hit the jumps bigger or have a pro camera
Buddy see that master hill over there

I’ll go record you going down it
-ok that shit has a big jump in it

Don’t even worry

-dropping in
Oh dude that was fucking dope
-really let’s see

Dude I forgot about the GoPro effect
-oh shit eh
That’s aight though

-later on the gram-
Pussy ass bitch of a dude, “that’s easy you did literally nothing”
-kid come for a rip and see what it really looks like
Pussy ass bitch, “no I’m good I’ll you need to know is yous a bitch
-fucking GoPro effect
by FriendlyNeighborHoodBrother September 29, 2019
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A flexible synthetic squid that has a camera in it which can be used in undercover operations since nobody would suspect a rubber squid might contain a hidden camera.
I got myself one of them popular squid GoPro devices; I totally plan to take it everywhere I go from now on.
by Dr Bunnygirl November 9, 2019
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Fiercely bonded, a GoPro bro will always help a bro set up their GoPros to capture their broventures. Bros always be making sick videos and sharing their gnarly spills and thrills to bros all over the world. There's an old saying that marines say to each other, never leave a man behind, there are several classic movies like this, Blackhawk Down and Saving Private Ryan, well the GoPro bro is one in the same, never leaving a bro alone with a GoPro, always there, forever, endlessly helping, the GoPro bro realize their brotastic and awesome GoPro brospereinces. GoPro bros forever.
That GoPro Bro over there issure having a ball capturing there sick hacky sack tricks with his other GoPro bros. I wish I could be a GoPro bro one day.
by NonetMinusOne January 8, 2015
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A phrase that describes someone who acts like a GoPro camera is following them wherever they go. To them their life is so much more awesome than yours. Their vocabulary consists of hyperbolic poser slang such as: "juiced", "stoked", "gnarly", "hairy", "treacherous" and "amped".

Sarcastically: GoPro Awesome/Badass
That story you told me about the "hairy" BASE jumping/cave dive is really starting to make me think you're a GoPro Douche.
by Critical Dolphin July 10, 2015
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