Nothing to keep out of Urban Dictionary. Commonly used in computer game ROBLOX. Meme purposes only. Used for roasting. If anyone says this to you, please don’t take seriously.
Go commit die
Go commit tortilla eat vertically

Go commit oxygen not reach lungs
by meme_kpoper July 7, 2019
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short for "go commit suicide"
"I like pop music"
"Maybe you should go commit."
by MelM August 19, 2005
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To go tell somebody to go die friendly verison of go commit neck rope on roblox
Rich Robloxian: hah you dont has robux i has more robux then you

New player: Go commit oof

Rich robloxian: *triggered*
by oof213 February 6, 2019
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the worst thing you can possibly say to someone. this phrase can destroy someone and they will have no way of coming back
person 1: no one likes you ugly ass ni🅱️🅱️a
person 2: go commit die

person 1: shit
by Xx_ass_eater_69 August 12, 2018
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The real definition for "apoptosis" is cell suicide. So, this should be self-explanatory.
General person on the internet: "go commit die"
Me, and fellow intellectuals: "go commit apoptosis."
by n0. February 6, 2019
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When grammar dies but u still want to say go kys.
roblox player 1: ur an idit
roblox player 2: ur the f word
roblox player 1: stop being having autism
roblox player 1: go commit die
by iiJason124 August 28, 2018
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