A routinely task that usually spends much of a person's time and patience. Things most people hate doing but have no other choice. Only lazy people, people who live like pigs and exaggeratingly controlling men that abuse their wives and sit around doing nothing but drink beer do not do chores.
I hate doing chores. That's why I'm married.
by shulltheantisocial June 27, 2010
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A household task that involves cleaning, sweeping, vacuuming, etc.

You earn money for doing them.
Brb, I gotta do my Chores so I can save up for a new bike!
by ResetRBLX February 24, 2018
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Colloquial British term for the act of stealing or having stolen an item of interest. The term depicts the action of theft used in informal conversation, typically amongst youths. Originating in Scottish high schools the term has widely become used throughout England and is now recognised in most of the United Kingdom however the word does not appear in the Oxford English Dictionary and would be considered 'slang terminology'.
Example 1. (In description)

The boys had chored enough merchandise from the shop that it was forced to close for the day.

Example 2. (In conversation)

Boy 1: "I've never seen that before, did you chore it?"

Boy 2: "Aye, I chored it from the school".
by ASRock May 27, 2010
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To steal or rob from somewhere or someone
you chored that from his house didnt you
by jamie451 June 3, 2008
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To be doing your chores.. the act of doing chores... past,present or future... exp.."I was CHORING. I am CHORING. I will be CHORING "....
I was doing my chores... I figured you were CHORING also!.....
by dreyertaz November 5, 2018
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British slang used amongst youths for having something stolen
"Some pikey chored my bike last night"
by Nokia God November 6, 2016
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When someone steals something from somewhere
‘’ fam just chored a meal deal from tesco
‘Been out choring with the boys’
by Idontknowulol101 May 16, 2019
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