A woman whose hilarity is beyond words. Whether she is translating ketchup/cashew/ke$ha lyrics or showing how her push up bra helps her get her man, her humor is completely unique and will have you laughing uncontrollably. Glozell is known for making up her own words such as “Crackamus” “Crotchumas” & “Aluminum Digger”. She knows when its time to get rid of that rude boy and get yourself into those AAA meetings. Probably the funniest gal on youtube.
"Girl, how drunk IS you?!"

"Don't call her name Alejandro. Don't call her name Roberto. Don't call her name Cilantro...."
by UnicornMaster August 4, 2010
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A hilarious, crazy, incredibly funny YouTube comedian who has thousand of hilarious videos about her life, push up bras, ketchup/cashew (known as Ke$ha by non-watchers), and so much more.
Has many words like "Bucket-naked" "crackamus" "alCHEhol"- (otherwise known as alcohol),
Gurl, you have got to get off the alCHEhol! I will snatch you up & take you to a AAA meeting!

Umm, what's like little drunk girls name, with the dollar sign?

Don't you have some friends? You could at least play uno, or uh, hopscotch?... No, you need some kinda activities! Play some checkers or something!

You wake up feeling like P-Diddy, like a black man. Issues.

You wanna know why you can't think? Cuz you bangin ya head up against the wall!!!

by crazyyoutuber771 March 22, 2011
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A popular Youtube comedian coining phrases already on UD such as "Aluminum Digger", "Crusty Crusts", and "Hurr".
Me: Did you see that new GloZell video?
Jess: Yeah! Vote for GloZell to get her OWN show?
by Klakasharkie June 27, 2010
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A mentally unbalanced black, African-American, or African person who is willing to act like a complete fool to get a laugh or to receive public attention, personal gain, or money.
Tanya pulled a GloZell at the office Christmas party when she began shining everyone's shoes.
by Margareta Sitra August 18, 2011
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to perform specific dance moves based upon the lyric/word being said at the given time
While Ke$ha's "Blow" was playing in the background, Haley was GloZell dancing by throwing glitter in the air during the lyric "Throw some glitter/make it rain."
by emc5135 June 23, 2011
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