A term coined by GloZell from Youtube (glozell1), meaning a younger girl who is too young to be a gold digger ( a woman who preys on men for their money), and has yet to move up the metal scheme.
GloZell: Okay, so she's trying to pick between Justin Beaver and Sean Kingston? They're like two completely different people... The only thing they have in common is that they're both rich. She's definitely a gold digger , no wait, she's a little young to be a gold digger, so she's an aluminum digger. She'll eventually move up the metal scheme.
by ShrtCat June 22, 2010
A younger version of"Gold Digger"working her way up the metal scheme.
That girl is 15 and already after 2 guys.What a Aluminum Digger!!!
by Patrey14 June 23, 2010
1.) A “trailer park community” version of a gold digger.

2.) Someone too young to be a gold digger.
3.) Similar to a trash digger, digging exclusively for aluminum.
4.) Someone who “digs” the fact aluminum is infinitely recyclable.
Bud: Bud's cousin Bud is datin' Buddy.
Bud: Bud is such an aluminum digger.
Bud: Hey pass the P.B.R., yeah Bud better watch himsilf.

Heyyy man don't throw away that soda can!
by holycrapIneedajob June 27, 2010
A word used by Glozell (glozell1 from Youtube) when explaining "Eenie Meenie" by Sean Kingston ft. Justin Bieber. It means a young version of a gold digger.
That girl talking to all those guys is definitely an aluminum digger.
by mecyclone June 16, 2010
Someone, usually a homeless or poor person, who digs through trash cans and dumpsters for empty aluminum soda and beer cans, so they can sell them to a scrap metal dealer for booze and cigarette money.
This bum is an aluminum digger...taking the empty pop cans out of the trash in the park, so he can get himself a bottle of wine and get drunk.
by Genuine Nerd June 22, 2010