A poopstain that bleeds through your underwear so bad that it glows
Ahh man I my shit was soo runny I'm gonna have glow in the dark poopstains
by Madddddday March 9, 2014
A girl/guy whose face is so ugly you can still see it when your tapping her in complete darkness.
Man:Do you mind if I wear this blindfold? You have a glow in the dark face.
by SlemCrisco December 16, 2004
gay guy1: ..i got glow in the dark comdons and black lights..wanna play light sabers?

gay guy2: okay!
by hoe February 24, 2005
a glow in the dark bitch is a white female who spends most of thier free time in a tanning machine, this has resulted into a orange tint of the skin. that same white female also bleaches her hair so blond, it become florescnent. that same white female aslo bleaches her teech to no end. all this together creates a female that glows and can be seen even in the dark.
"ayo, look at that glow in the dark bitch, you're gonna need sunglasses before you take a look.
by lovelyladyt March 19, 2010
When a major corporation comes up with the dumbest fucking product you could ever imagine. Originated from a commercial for Microsoft Songsmith.
Guy 1: Hey what's that?
Douchebag: It's a flamingo shiner! Wanna try it?
Guy 2: Hey get that glow in the dark towel shit away from me.
by Skunkwaffle January 30, 2009
can describe anything kinky the lights up while it is dark adding to your sexual pleasures

derived during a sister wendy movie
Jeremy: do me
Laura: only if you have glow in the dark
by *<] : ) August 24, 2004
Someone who isnt quite smart, who has a low IQ
Can be used to describe a naive person.
This chick in my economy class can't stop asking stupid questions, she really doesn't glow-in-the-dark!
by princessforaday October 30, 2007