When many a gay men gather at a party, all of whom are nude except for wearing glow in the dark condoms.The lights are turned off while they all proceed to jump around and touch each other with their "glow sticks". All of which is done to the anthem of up tempo rave music.
by ZachAttack792 July 17, 2010
Glow in the dark love bites are love bites that you notice in the dark with alittle light from your blackberry phone.
For example, a glow in the dark love bites would be when you in bed with someone who is using their blackberry, and then you see a random dark mark on the chest area, that my friends is called a glow in the dark love bite...
by plus 10 eye vision at night October 12, 2010
when u put on a glow in the dark condom and screw a fat girl.
man i still cant believe u gave girl a glow in the dark rubber pancake@
by thuggaa December 3, 2009