Very sexy, strong, smart, beautiful, short, stubborn, funny, caring,smiles with her eyes, has a sexy booty with a beautiful mind!!
Gloriana is the definition of sexy!
by Ging888 May 23, 2018
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She is the most funniest girl ever. She always knows what to say to peeps when they are down. Gloriana is a sweetheartto her friends and family and to her lovers. She can be calm and collected at school and home but with her friends she is a wild machine. She is very smart and artistic and at some times outgoing. All the guys she likes doesn't know her so they don't think of how funny,sweet,kind she is. So no guy is right for her if they don't get to know her. Only if one guy got to know her they would see how wonderful she is. Gloriana has a bubble butt. Her appearance isn't as great as her personality. She is usually ahead of the growth curve because she is tall. A lot of people make fun of her although they don't know her. Gloriana is likely to sit in the back of the class reading a book. If only people got to know her she would be the most popular girl in school.
Hey Gloriana do you want to hang out later.
by TheWhiteNerd01 July 29, 2017
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She is a fat billion year old demon who eats children. She is a bitch. She loves SCIENCE. She is always thirsty.
by _gottalovearianagrandee May 10, 2014
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