(noun, can also be used as an adjective) A portmanteau of the words "global" (or "globalist") and "homosexual." Used to sarcastically denote the predominant philosophy espoused by the Western economic elite, formally known as "neoliberalism". It combines ruthless capitalism by transnational corporations with a façade of socially-liberal politics.

The ultimate end state of Globohomo is one in which all sexual, ethnic, racial and national identity is broken down, leaving the demoralized masses to work for $12 an hour in an Amazon warehouse while a small cadre of billionaires rule over them. A poignant vision of Globohomo can be found in Aldous Huxley's 1932 novel, "Brave New World".

While often used by the alt-right, the term is not exclusively conservative in nature, nor is it necessarily anti-homosexual. In fact, considering that Marxism was created in response to working class exploitation, a CEO championing leftist talking points while making 200 times the salary of their employees should be noted as an extreme case of irony.
Citizen #1: "Did you hear Coca-Cola released an ad with two men raising a baby together AND stood up against Georgia's voter ID law? I'm glad companies are finally standing up for the right thing."
Citizen #2: "This is the same company that used a paramilitary to murder union workers at their bottling plant in Colombia. It's just Globohomo propaganda."
by Dr. Swedish Fish, Ph.D. April 26, 2021
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(noun, disparaging) flat vector illustration style; a simplistic digital art style using simplified, rounded geometry and uniform flat coloration. Paradoxically emphasizes the diversity of human subjects while appearing remarkably homogeneous. Commonly used in corporate propaganda.
Etymology: globalist + homogeneous
Searching for "diversity flat vector art" in an image search engine will produce thousands of works in the globohomo style.
by tp217 November 23, 2020
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Portmanteau of "Globalist Homogenization", and a critique of capitalism which claims that it is erasing cultural identities and traditional beauty. This is evident in the pervasive, samey-looking modern architecture styles (usually ones that are full of glass), that purport to be "modern" and "progressive" but are actually just ugly and depressing. Another example is the "corporate art style", known as "alegria", that is universially condemned as hideous.

Often mistakenly believed to be a portmanteau of "globalist homosexual" by both alt-right troglodytes and their critics. Globohomo is instead a critique of corporatism and how it homogenizes and devalues culture in the name of a futuristic utopian ideal. Everyone who is not a technocratic elite hates it for its fakeness and mass-produced nature, which is the same reason people tend to dislike kitsch art.
Person 1: Why does every city in the world look the same?
Person 2: Globohomo doesn't care about beauty because it's expensive.
by UDUser4820 March 3, 2022
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Essentially the world wide conspiracy of gay dudes who spread war and destruction under the guise of American / British "democracy."

A subset of gay men meet up in clubs like Skull and Bones, the Masons, and strive to take over the world, probably cause they just hate the fact that women don't want them enough to enjoy straight sex, so they go gay and just want to have a gay mafia to wreck havoc on the planet and force their gayness and greed on others. The greed and capitalism is cause these gay guys just overvalue money as a way of getting their sexual needs met, but they know that no woman would ever desire them so they just keep on accumulating until everyone else is dead.
Steve: Globohomo destroyed the world
Bob: Ukraine and Taiwan had the biggest gay parades in history. Makes you think.
by Johnnyzombie March 3, 2022
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The ideology pushed by western neoliberals rooted in their age-old interpretation of sex and white supremacy.

Western neoliberals encourage everyone to embrace a homosexual / trans lifestyle while also continuing its warmongering in non-white countries under the guise of spreading "freedom." Since the military is ironically a refuge for incels as well as trans women (men who have transitioned to become women), this is a convenient way for the billionaire western elites to throw away their excessive incel population, hence avoiding the revolution that usually comes with mass male unhappiness. Most billionaires themselves being former incels who have accumulated unfathomable amounts of wealth in their attempt to get back at the girls who called them ugly in high school in favor of dating handsome men (oftentimes men of color), see a convenient methodology for pushing a gay agenda onto the rest of the world in an attempt to rob the remaining resources of the planet while making the local population gay, trans, or to die in war, to avoid the fallout of their robbery.
"Who painted a trans flag onto this drone that we're planning on using to attack a wedding party in Afghanistan?"

"Oh, that came from high up. Part of the globohomo initiative."
by Johnnyzombie June 15, 2021
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Globohomo, also known as corporate wokeness, corporate virtue signaling, or neoliberalism by the economic left; is what happens when you take the worst aspects from each side of the political spectrum to create the modern-day western establishment.

While this is a portmanteau of "globalist" and "homosexual", this is mainly used in context of the promotion of homosexuality and homosexual or transgender ideology, this is not used in the context of openly hating homosexuals. "Faggot" does just fine enough for me.

In effect, this is the agenda of destroying ethnicity, nationhood, and culture in white countries, while simultaneously promoting far-left anti-natalist politics and far-right economics to keep the working class down and drowning in competition. This is the primary system of belief that can be found in many establishments in the west. Neoliberalism also meshes well with neoconservatism, whose ideology is solely based off of going to wars and making friends with woke corporations to buy guns and kill brown people and ñîggêrß.

In short: neoliberalism is quite literally everything wrong with society on both a social and economic level.
Nigga 1: yo niggas, did u see dat add 4 fat white wominz n gay niggas n shiet
Nigga 2: naw nigga, I was givin head to one of my homies
Nigga 1: yo dis is da sheit, we needz us sum fat white bitchez from da globohomo niggas
Nigga 3: *shoots the two niggas because they were in a rival gang*
by ChigginNiggers October 18, 2021
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GloboHomo (Globalist-Homosexual agenda) is an agenda which right-wingers believe leftists are pushing to weaken the west. It has existed for some time where before it was called "Cultural Marxism" and used by the alt-right conspiracy theories to push a far-right agenda.
Leftist1: have you heard about the GloboHomo agenda?
Leftist2: yeah, and even though it isn't real thing we should totally act like it is, just to piss off rightoids.
by BAMBAH April 13, 2021
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