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A nomadic political ideology used by elites to perpetrate a new world order

Globalism typically aligns with progressivism despite the fact followers of this ideology share little views with progressives. It can already be seen throughout all major social media and news agencies.

Aims to "lift people out of poverty" at the expense of 1st world countries. However, all that happens is the plundering of 1st world countries while people continue to die around the world. Where the money goes from globalist operations is truly unknown.

What is certain is that Globalism increases awareness of events in faraway parts of the world. Albeit to create disinformation campaigns and manage the general populace of 3rd world countries.
They ushered in a new era of Globalism placing thousands out of work
by this handle is not in use October 27, 2020
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John: bruuhh

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John: bRuHhh

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A used as an antonym to nationalism, but seldom by purported "globalists," to describe any ideology opposite to nationalism. It's exact meaning, however, varies depending on who you ask among the following:

1. An ideology which broadly supports free trade, international markets, and freer movement of capital and people.

2. An ideology which supports divesting power from national institutions into international institutions or multinational agreements. Examples include the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, European Union, the Eurozone, the United Nations, as well as agreements such as the Montreal Protocol, the Iran Nuclear Deal, or the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

3. An ideology secretly pushed by George Soros in an attempt to impose global dictatorship, strip citizens of sovereign nations of rights, take your firearms, track you with vaccines, flood a county near you with Islamofascist Mexican cartel refugees, and establish a new world order. If you belief this, my male vitality supplements are 50% off.
1. The Liberal Party has turned to globalism through its commitment to bilateral trade agreements.
2. Globalism seriously threatens our national sovereignty.
3. The proponents of globalism are poisoning the water to make your frogs gay.
by areallylongpseudonym February 10, 2021
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It means when someone says someone is dyslexic and they say they didn't know anyone named Alexis.
"He broke me up for bandalism"
"Golleee He Dun used a globalism"
by dontworryitsnotglobal October 30, 2019
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