The mood one enjoys when they hustle past happy, hang a left at giddy and ride that bad boy all the way to Glittery Town.
After a couple blunts, Sarah went from just being happy to being GLITTERY!
by Brighteyes508 January 13, 2009
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When a girl is soaking wet and her clit's all shiny, so it looks like it has glitter on it.
I totally fucked Janise' after licking her glitteris.
by (o^_^o) PIKACHU! October 12, 2003
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A mysterious part of the Gay Male's anatomy that is the source of his fabulousness and stereotypical tendencies.
"Casey, if you slap me with your glitteris one more time I'll become Elton John."

"Those sequins definitely make my glitteris tingle."
by Da-mo August 04, 2008
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A ween that is glittery, it can be seen as far as the eye can see, it's magical in it's own way and can never be turned down, women and some men yurn for it, it is very hard to deny, the only problem is you can easily seen who has tampered with a "glittery ween" by the glitter left behind on ones mouth, privates and anus.
"That womans boyfriend has a "glittery ween", look at her mouth, it's covered in glitter."

"That man just had a "glittery ween", he has glitter all over his mouth"
by Jaysterdamus May 11, 2011
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Glittery toothbrush is a game mainly used for gay guys.
The rules are:
one guy puts glitter on his penis and the other one tries to suck it all off in a certain time.
Up to four people can play this game
Jeffrey: hey jorge you wanna come over for a game of glittery toothbrush?
Jorge: sure man,i'll get the dicks you get the glitter!
Jeffrey: ok see you later. ;)
by Mrs.Duck August 16, 2006
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An underground sexual move known only by golf professionals. Right as the female is about to orgasm you insert a handful of glitter and a Slazenger golf ball into the vagina. The golf ball produced after this erotic explosion is undeniably the best golf ball in the world. No hole is safe from the glittery Slazenger.
Sam: My god Mikey how far did you hit that golf ball? You just got the first ever hope in one on a par five!
Mikey: Nothing flies like a glittery Slazenger!
by TheGolfPro May 06, 2015
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