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A beautiful, strong, and caring woman. She often looks to help others succeed when they don't deserve it. Lani often doesn't realize the tremendous impact she has had on everyone she meets and that those peoples lives are so much better for having met her. Her smile and laugh can cheer up the gloomiest of days.
I don't know how we would get through the day without Lani.
by Hideous Feces June 23, 2014
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Lani is the kindest and the prettiest girl you will ever know. She is very inclusive and you don't have to be her best friend, she still makes you laugh and smile. The times with Lani are unforgettable and will be with me forever. I can't imagine life without her and her hysterical jokes. She is the smartest girl who works very diligently. Everyone needs a Lani aka the best friend I could ask for.
by love icecream September 03, 2016
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noun. Hawaiian & islander name.

Hawaiian translation, "sky, heavenly body"

may also reference novel The Lani People by Jesse F. Bone.

not to be confused with Serial Experiments Lain.
Lani kicks ass! And brah, there's a book with her name in the title.
by mintymidori September 05, 2006
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Pretty fun loving& sweet beautiful. She brings joy to everyone and is full of happiness! She is not the smartest person but will do watever it takes to make someone feel better. Also kind of narcissistic, considering she wrote this
Lani is short for Allanys.
by NotAllanys May 20, 2013
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Lani, She is a girl who is beautiful but yet doesn't realise it.
by Holly Allin August 31, 2016
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A true pimp! Has dope swag no matter what! Always nice to kids and always stays home! He's a true man! Also a goon! He also loves basketball and chilling with his homies! This sucka knows what's up! GET TO KNOW LANIS
bro I'm Hella bored, let's go chill with Lanis! That goon is the man!
by ThisizLAN July 22, 2011
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