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A girl who hustles, she get her damn thing done, she's always on the move
Look at that girl, she's going for that job interview looking all fly, she's a HUSTLERETTE!!!
by Jaysterdamus May 27, 2010
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half whale/half woman
Look at that whaman, shes one huge beast.
by Jaysterdamus April 18, 2011
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A ween that is glittery, it can be seen as far as the eye can see, it's magical in it's own way and can never be turned down, women and some men yurn for it, it is very hard to deny, the only problem is you can easily seen who has tampered with a "glittery ween" by the glitter left behind on ones mouth, privates and anus.
"That womans boyfriend has a "glittery ween", look at her mouth, it's covered in glitter."

"That man just had a "glittery ween", he has glitter all over his mouth"
by Jaysterdamus May 11, 2011
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Its a tore up vagina...a vagina the likes of no man would enter.
Hope Solo has a vaginado....did you see that thing?
by Jaysterdamus July 23, 2015
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There's oxymoron, which is a figure of speech, then there's Oxy-moron, which is a person who abuses oxycontin so much that he's a moron, hence the term OXY-MORON.
Look at that kid, he takes so many oxycontins, HE'S A OXY-MORON.
by Jaysterdamus June 23, 2011
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