To Gleak or Gleaking is a verb describing the action where saliva is shot out from the salivary holes under the tongue of the mouth. It is caused by the contracting of the muscles in the mouth.
by Inetta August 15, 2008
To emit a long shot of spit from underneath your tongue. Gleaking can range from a distance of a few inches to a few feet (usually 7 feet). Gleaking is usually inherited genetically and cannot be learned. I reccomend using is to piss off your teachers by spitting them in the face.
I got a referral for gleaking Gus in the face.
by ylime evarglesseh November 14, 2003
To roll tounge in such a way was to make saliva squirt out.
Wtf!,Stop gleakin on me.I tought that was rain.
by G-Money December 13, 2004
When a small amount of saliva comes from the back of the throat and sprays out of the mouth. It is usually unexpected as it generally occurs while speaking or yawning.
I gleaked all over the newspaper I was reading.
by Nukkels May 4, 2004
To gleak is to emit a quick spray of spit or spittle from one persons mouth at another person.
I gleaked onto a Jame's face.
by Quikt July 6, 2003
the action that occurs when someone is talking and in saying one special letter, saliva leaks off the tounge and sprays another.
by HanBanan August 23, 2005
It's a movement, a way of life, a religion, and source of energy, a love...

"Yo relax... Glock Gleak man. "

"Did you see her Dank? GLOCK GLEAK son."

"I swear to god if you Glock Gleak one more time I'm going to slap you up side yo head."
by A-Bimbo January 1, 2009