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Some crazy word made up by some crazy guy named Proffeser John Frink who will make you think most probably he uses it in place of a swear word.
Some guy: I killa you!
(he hits Frink with a bat)
Frink: With all the pain and the hurting and the crying to mummy. MM... GLAVEN!
by Scurvy Sea Dog May 08, 2005
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a noun...... any noun...... whenever it feels like a gewd place to put it.
"im gonna punch you in tha glaven"
"row row row your glaven"
"old mcglaven had a glaven"
"you see that glaven?"
"you little glaven!"
by kaervar September 03, 2006
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a word to be used when you can't think of the right one
"yeah, i went to the store to pick up some glaven"
by daf February 15, 2004
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"Hey Maaaaan, what's goin' on?" *gets close up to your grill* "GLAVEN!!!"
by WVU dude May 16, 2004
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we went to go to the city to get some glaven, or we need to get some glave, a dealer can be called the glavianator
by jeff1978 July 31, 2006
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