adj. A much cooler sounding version of the word good.

Origins: "As Vana'diel Turns"
Fins: So I made this macro the other day...
Pru: Oh really? /killself
Fins: Wanna see it?
Pru: No, I...I don't really...actually. Just don' it to me...acutally..don't show me.
Fins: OK here goes.
HP=100% <annoyingnoise 9>
Pru: Wow. That's...That's pretty gewd. That's pretty good...

(example (c) the creators of "As Vana'diel Turns")
by Kotone~chan March 28, 2005
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means good..something is okay or fine by you
i got a mad gewd grade on that test.
by patrick March 6, 2005
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When someone obeys to another person. They do things under their command like a "gewd" or "gewd bitch"
Boyfriend: "Go make me a sandwich."
Girlfriend: "Okay"
Boyfriend: "GEWD"
by iwonderwhothisis November 28, 2010
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an expression or response used to acknowledge another's accomplishment.
"jajaja zat waza gewd wahn."
by Kawz February 3, 2007
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When your old lady lets you bang her in the ass, then she sucks your dirty junk tiill there is no soup left on it. AKA Cleaning the stew pipe
Dude! My girl washed it good for me last night. I bet she can really WAWSH IT GEWD
by Big Nation March 27, 2003
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