Someone from, or who originates from Glasgow in Scotland, UK.
He's a Glaswegian
by Stephen McLeod December 04, 2003
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People from Glasgow are called Glaswegians. Glaswegian is also the name of the local dialect of Scots, commonly known as the Glasgow Patter.
My mate Tony is a Glaswegian.
by Sissy May 26, 2006
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a loudmouth blowhard who can't hold it in.
Priest (after two hours in a confessional): Is that the end of your confession, my son?

Average Glaswegian male: Urr ye kiddin', faither? Uv no even started yet! I wis just talkin' aboot the fitba'!
by Minderbinder February 18, 2011
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Someone from Glasgow in Scotland. Majority of male Glaswegians wear white trackies, caps and sport shaved heads. These are commonly known as neds or chavs.
Person 1: "What do you call a Glaswegian in a suit?"

Person 2: "I don't know."

Person 1: "The accused..."
by extraspecial July 20, 2008
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Scottish people. Glasgow is the biggest city in Scotland.
Me: Can I clap yer wee doggy?
My American friend: What?
Me: I'm Glaswegian ye dick'ead.
by BigBrainScottishGirl January 09, 2021
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A head butt. Where one person violently smashes his or her forehead into the face of another normally resulting the latter's discomfort and/or severe facial injury.
Peeved by Rupert's impertinence, Neville gave him a glaswegian kiss and put him hospital.
by Lee Farmie October 15, 2004
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The art of drawing an obscene amount of flem from your esophagus (or honking a loogie in colloquial terms), swashling it around your mouth like a fine Northern Portuguese drop of port then finally releasing said flem on an unsuspecting member of the public’s chest in true Glaswegian fashion.
Innocent bystander: Why Charles, i don’t know why I brought my pink Christian Dior Cannage stitched bag over my Louie Vuitton Canvas...

Person 2: Aye, why don’t you wear this instead ye posh cunt **spits a Glaswegian swashbuckle on her chest**

Innocent bystander: Oh the humanity.
by MigDaSlickest March 07, 2018
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