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Comes from the Estonian slang term "Klaaser".
Glassers are 10-15 year old cocky punks, that try to look cool and think they can kick anyone's ass, but in reality they're harmless, unless they walk in large groups, which they usually do. a female glasser usually wears heavy make-up and a male glasser wears a cap with a hood and sweatpants.

The glasser, one of the smallest subspecies of the "Common Punk", is a fascinating species - not because they prefer moving in groups or because they like to dull their prepubescent brains and lungs by consuming large amounts of alcohol an cigarettes to make them even dumber than they were before, but rather because at some point, their evolution has slowed down drastically and eventually stopped, now ranking them way below the normal "Homo Sapiens" in terms of intelligence, and placing them somewhere near the brainpower of the Common Chimpanzee. Even though their actual IQ has never been measured, it is estimated to be around 20, but not higher than 30.
The habitat of the subspecies "Glasser" has fortunately not yet spread outside the small Baltic country of Estonia.
Andres was walking to the grocery store, when suddenly, he heard loud shouting, drunken singing, and glass shattering, not too far from him. He immediately realised that it was nothing but another brainless herd of Glassers and turned around.
by Whit3space May 06, 2013
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When a guy makes hilarious and strange faces as in a reaction, similar to squishing his face against a pane of glass.
After Jamie told a funny story, Mike pulled a glasser and everyone cracked up.
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