A “glass of milk” is used to describe a hot white chick that is bad. While all girls can be a snack, a “glass of milk” narrows it down a bit. You can add other words like “thick” or “tall” to decribe the girl even further.
Guy 1: “oh shit did you see that tall glass of milk over there?”
Guy 2: “yea man she so fine
by Lil Keet December 30, 2017
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A sexy or beautiful white girl who is only around 5 feet tall.
Damnnn bro you see that short glass of milk? I wish I could take a sip! sexy bad bitch
by ImYaDaddy August 25, 2015
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Similar to "A tall glass of water" (tall woman with long legs and beautiful features.)

"A tall glass of milk" is used to describe more particuarly a tall white woman (or a fair woman of European decent) with long sculpted legs and a brick house body.

This term is used usually by (older, pimp-ish) black men - hence why the glass is filled with milk rather than water. (Water could mean any race/color.)
"Now that's a mighty fine tall glass o' milk right there!"

"Whew! I need me a tall glass of milk like that there Klohe Kardashian."

"Ooooweee!! That tall glass of milk would do this body good!!!"
by MizzieG June 5, 2013
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A sexual act by which a person sucks breast milk out of a womans breast, then proceeds to spit it into the womans vagina, then drink it. Originated in North Battleford, Saskatchewan
I was with your aunty last night and had a NB Glass of Milk
by Spookmaster D September 16, 2010
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Where you gather 5 or more friends(male or female) and offer everyone a glass of milk. Prepare the drinks in the kitchen, using all similar glasses except one. Quickly bust a nut into the odd glass out before pouring the milk. Bring all of the drinks to the table and let them choose their fate. Sit back and await your victim.
Person 1: I've played plenty of crazy party games in my day, but that was unexpectedly gross!
Person 2: I agree! I never would've expected to end up with a Mysterious Glass o' Milk situation at Happy's place.
by Heisenbyrge May 5, 2016
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