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Originating from the Beatles song "Glass Onion" off their 1968 self-titled, or "white" album, the term was believed to mean a glass-lidded coffin by the followers of the Paul is Dead conspiracy.
The real meaning of the song is that people were over-analyzing the Beatles' lyrics.
A glass onion is something that would have layer after layer peeled away, only to realise that it was transparent all along.
Lookin' through a glass onion.
by t3h1337f00l August 27, 2006
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Originated from the Beatles song "Glass Onion" from their white album. It means to overanalyze something that is not intended to mean anything more then what it is. The entire point of the Glass Onion song was to poke fun at all the people who had looked for deep messages in previous beatle songs.

"You Completely glass onioned the movie Sideways"
by Ichthasen July 16, 2006
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A pipe made of glass or lexan that is used to smoke marijuana or narcotics through, the term "Glass Dick" is too well known and the term "Glass Onion" is less known to the square non drug addict crowd and drug abusers love to use it due to a beatles song that talked about a glass onion and everyone knows about the beatles and their drug use, Glass is also a street term for crack cocaine.
I went to the Glass Onion in charleston south carolina to buy a glass pipe but all they had was overpriced food...
by druggyslikethebeatles October 15, 2008
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An effect that can occur during an LSD trip where the user sees the world in a similar way to how one would in a video/photograph taken through a fish-eye lens (or from inside a glass onion).
Man last night i was tripping balls. One minute i was in my room listening to The Beatles, the next i was in another world looking through a glass onion
by MONGOOOO May 06, 2013
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Something wild and trippy that you look through in the beatles song "glass onion".
Looking through a glass onion
by Corey P. May 25, 2005
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