A gorgeous, old city in southern South Carolina. Not to be mixed up with North Charleston.
I went to Charleston and fell in love.
by SCgirl September 4, 2005
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beautiful southern city in south carolina where the coasts, houses, and beaches are beautiful! the girls are really hot and the sight-seeing is amazing!
whoa.i must be in charleston. the beaches, sights, and girls are AMAZING
by chasgirl February 5, 2011
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a city in the southernmost part of south carolina. it is a very beautiful and historic city that was a major place in the civil war.
My family and I visit Charleston regularly, as it is our favorite local beach.
by Will December 16, 2004
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Normal people call this part of the drumkit hi-hat, french canadians call it charleston.
by Anssi Tenhunen October 14, 2010
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when someone has been analy invaded several times, they develop a patch of skin over their sphincter, called the charelston. chewing on said flap of skin is the charleston chew.
Man, last night i totally was munching on this girls charleston when she shat all over me
by techotter November 30, 2004
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A city in Southern-most South Carolina that is a place all on its own level. Home to many different kinds of people and station to many crazy high schools such as West Ashley High School and James Island High School. James Island people consist of all weekend partiers, enjoy their vodka and crown and rum and coke and most definitely beer. At JI high you can find many different groups; preppy girls + jock guys, wierd goth kids, too smart for their own good kids, ghetto people, and the infamous stoner/party group (making up the best portion). Although people at JI tend to be a bit snobby and sure of themselves and the girls think believe they can win any fight (but really cant) and guys are pretty much all pussies. West Ashley consists of the realest people you'll ever meet and houses mostly ghetto people. Out of every teenager in Charleston, there are some names that EVERYONE knows. just from being so damn cool. You can find JI kids on Folly Beach right near the pier, Taco Bell @ 2 AM or anywhere else on JI that seems of interest. You can find West Ashley kids at their friends houses. INVITE ONLY.
Joe: So I'm moving to Charleston, should I go to James Island Charter High School or West Ashley High?

Mandy: Uh. If you want to be judged for everything you do go to James Island. If you want to get your ass beat, then definitely West Ashley.
by theoneinji May 21, 2010
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1. The capital and largest city of West Virginia.
2. A big city in South Carolina.
ZOMG, i went to south carolina, and went to charleston. WOWZ
by Blahb December 27, 2005
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