A wrestling term, symbolizing the barricade keeping the perrenial upper-mid carders from main events. Usually used in the sense of backstage politics in wrestling, with one wrestler being accused of holding another down (as in: below the glass ceiling)
Above the glass ceiling: Triple H
Below the glass ceiling: Chris Jericho
by CM Oreo April 4, 2004
When you sit naked on a table with a glass top, and you have someone laying under watching you taking a shit.
To turn your girlfriend on you would perform a glass ceiling.
by Jeremy Cheeks August 16, 2008
a solid but invisible barrier against the advancement of women and minorities in the workplace.
by Light Joker August 2, 2007
A level within the managerial hierarchy beyond which very few women and minorities advance.
Women and minorities have had problems winning promotions to senior management positions due to the glass ceiling.
by gipperee September 12, 2004
A term describing the maximum level a woman or ethnic minority can achieve before it is necessary to be a white male to go further.
After four years working at Innetec, I have unfortunately hit the glass ceiling.
by RandomViking September 19, 2015
To overcome many obstacles to achieve a goal that was previously unattainable.
Boy 1: Did you ask that girl out on a date yet?
Boy 2: Yes, I just did.
Boy 1: Wow! You really broke the glass ceiling!
by KingPrince21 November 12, 2016
The discrimination which can prevent women from rising beyond a certain point in the church hierarchy.
"She could never become a bishop because of the stained-glass ceiling."
by free2create January 29, 2007