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Arguably the top (quality and fanbase wise) independant wrestling promotion in the United States. Ring of Honor has been around since 2002 and has produced some of the most innovative matches in wrestling today: the Scramble Cage, Scramble Tag Team matches, Six-Man Mayhem matches and the Four-Corner Survival, as well as the Pure Wrestling Division. Ring of Honor is a must have for any fan of wrestling as a sport and an art. www.rohwrestling.com
Paul London vs. "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson - The Epic Encounter
by CM Oreo May 22, 2004

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To blindly follow someone or something.
Guy 1: That new substitute is soo cool!
Guy 2: Man, quit drinking the kool aid. :-/
by CM Oreo June 05, 2004

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A wrestling term, symbolizing the barricade keeping the perrenial upper-mid carders from main events. Usually used in the sense of backstage politics in wrestling, with one wrestler being accused of holding another down (as in: below the glass ceiling)
Above the glass ceiling: Triple H
Below the glass ceiling: Chris Jericho
by CM Oreo April 04, 2004

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adj. Chronic Masturbator
n. Somebody who is masturbating to text over IM
i'm only using one hand, i'm beating joel
by CM Oreo March 26, 2004

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In Hawaiian, the generic name for everybody.
Noah: Eh, Aunty Miyamoto!
Aunty Miyamoto: Eh, Pono!
by CM Oreo April 19, 2004

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In wrestling, this is the term for the match that goes in-between two big storyline enders, to calm the crowd down. Also referred to as a buzzkill match.
Randy Orton vs. Mick Foley
Hurricane & Rosey vs. La Resistance <--
HBK vs. Triple H vs. Chris Benoit
by CM Oreo May 27, 2004

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Superlative of ~!.
urbandictionary.com is the BEST!@
by CM Oreo March 27, 2004

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