A City full of Pot smokin weegies. The are scum and are the runts of earth.
Those weegy fucks from Glasgow love giro day.
by Ploppp April 21, 2010
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Glasgow is the worst city on the face of Europe. Spend days walking around cheap sales shops, being harrased by neds and stopping yourself from killing old ladies that hog the streets. Dont wander down any of the many sidestreets, you will never be see again. People here look angry all the time and generally hate life. Its no wonder. look where they live. Understanding their language is like trying to understand a pack of angry dogs. The river which Glasgow is on looks like a constant flow of sewage and the beautiful skyline is of council flats and cranes. NEVER go here. Infact NEVER visit scotland.
man one: hey lets go to glasgow
man two: excuse me?
man one: just kidding lets go somewhere actually worth visiting like London
man two: you almost had me there you bugger
by Glasgow Loather April 27, 2008
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a person who sucks at life, and likes toms and chris,s
i was at work, and glasgow lost his salad.
by ass cow January 17, 2008
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